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2020 Road-map

Where we have been…

Thank you for all of the hard work and effort during the Holidays.  Our marketing in Dec was a success and we are already seeing the benefits.

A short recap:

  • We had close to 10,000 votes and tons of engagement on social media.  In fact our stats went through the roof (over 1000% gain in our reach)
  • We gained 1,521 subscribers to our email list (This is HUGE – I would rather have 1,000 people to email than 10,000 followers on Facebook – The conversions are much better)

In many ways we limped across the finish line, but that is because of all of the transition happening at the same time as the busiest time of the year.  In my honest opinion we did a great job picking up the pieces and “making it happen” in spite of the playing field.


The Transition:

Companies who transition often feel a sense of confusion during the transition phase.  This is normal.  Usually periods of growth are accompanied by phases of transition.

It usually is the result of one movement coming to an end of it’s life cycle followed by a new movement coming behind it.

In our case it has been exacerbated by a major shift with Rachel leaving, the vacuum of no real leadership, and software / hardware changes & issues right before the busiest time of the year.

2019 we said goodbye to “Come Again”.  The database was failing and we needed to make a change on the fly.  Although we had issues with our data conversion and they way we access data we HAD to make the jump. 


“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” ― George S. Patton, former Officer in the U.S. Army


The software is now stable, and we have been able to negotiate a tool that allows us to do everything we need with advanced reporting capabilities.

Having the instant feedback from the data every day will give us a great advantage for making growth strides in 2020.


Looking Ahead:

“Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.” ― Henry David Thoreau



The goal was for me to take control of the inventory right from the start.  Unfortunately, the data conversion, taking on the books, stabilizing the hardware infrastructure, and acting as support during the holiday season kept it at arms length. 

Amanda and I decided that we would wait until the beginning of the year to tackle an official version of inventory control.  The steps are to roll out a more formal version is in the works and will be finalized by the end of Jan.  

A BIG thanks to Jen O, Kristin, Karrinne, and Ciarra for all of their help.



We are currently putting together a comprehensive marketing plan for 2020.  This is where I can help the business the most as I have an extensive background in growing businesses, branding, social media, and all forms of outbound marketing.

Lauren has been doing a great job with social media and is working closely with me to get the plan together.  We will have the first quarter knocked out by the end of this month and ready to roll out with automation.  

Then we will start hitting the plan for the remainder of the year.


2020 goals:

  • 20% growth in service business
  • 30% to 40%  growth in retail (this is low hanging fruit for us)
  • Depth of inventory so there is never a worry of running out of product
  • Being recognized in national magazines and positioning ourselves in the “Best Of” list nationally and well as locally
  • Carving out good online content including quick fix videos and tutorials.








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