Sales Contest & Other Updates.

The contest is still going. Initially we were only going to run through Sat the 8th…with the ability to extend if we wanted to. With a few distractions in the last week I had not been able to update you effectively. Let’s roll this through Valentines.

Some girls were uncomfortable having their totals out there for everyone to see, so I stopped posting numbers.

I have a deck of cards here, if this is your last night here before next wee you will be able to draw tonight.

Right now the standings are as follows…

No surprise that Amanda is in the lead…but she does not get to play. For Lisa to be here 1 day a week and be in the top 5 is remarkable.

On a positive note we are almost over the hump and out of the weeds with all things tech related. New phones are installed and working with only minor programming left, and I am installing the enterprise version of the salon software next Monday. This will elevate 99.99% of the issues we have experienced from checking out clients correctly to reporting.

Initially, Salon Iris convinced us to go with the online version of their software touting it as their latest and greatest and that it was their new Flagship version. It turns out that the enterprise version is a much better fit for us, not to mention the fact that their web version was/is still in BETA (something we should have been made aware of before purchase – I hold the sales person responsible – the company is great and they are considered the best in the industry). At the end of the day it will be exactly what we need to move forward.

We also have a new wireless mesh network installed which is separated from the Comcast router. After many tech support calls, Comcast finally admitted that their routers WiFi portion was defective. So we are using a third party mesh network with tons of coverage. You should no longer see weak WiFi signals that drop.

However, on that note. Even though we have a Gig of speed please do not hog up the bandwidth by watching movies. We should not be doing that at work anyway. I am sure there are more constructive things we can do with down time. Help clean. Write cards asking for referral or thanking a new client (Postcards have been designed and will be ordered from Vista Print today). Etc., Etc.

More updates coming soon…